Ghrelin, a hormone produces in the stomach.
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Cold Truth About Weight Loss

If you are struggling with weight loss, you are not alone and it may not be your fault. If you are overweight or obese, the cards are stacked against you. This video will tell you why.

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Obesity And Weight Loss

If you are struggling with weight loss, it very well could be your hormones. You are not lazy or lacking in motivation, you are just feeling hunger stronger. This video will tell you why.


There are two main hormones that you have to worry about with weight loss. They are Ghrelin and Leptin.


Released by the stomach when it is empty, this hormone makes you hungry.


Released by fat cells when they are full, this hormone tells you to stop eating.

The Problem

The problem is that the hormone that makes you full, Leptin, is produced by fat cells. The more fat cells you have, the more Leptin you have in your system and you become resistant. The Leptin stops working effectively and Ghrelin takes over. You then get hungrier and stay hungry longer, resulting in more weight gain.

The Answer

Learn to control Ghrelin production. Do this by:

  • Giving up sugar.
  • Eating more lean meats and whole grains.
  • Drinking more water.
  • Getting enough sleep.

Do these things and you will decrease your hunger. You will still get hungry, there is no way around this, but it should get your hunger to a level you can handle.

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