Gummy bears intended for weight loss.
Weight Loss

Do Weight Loss Gummies Really Work?

Do weight loss gummies work or is it just another diet scam? Also, what is up with Oprah and Weight Watchers, are they endorsing a popular weight loss gummy? Watch this video and find out for yourself.

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Weight Loss Supplements

There will always be new weight loss supplements hitting the market because there is a huge demand for them. One of the newest products to hit the shelves is the weight loss gummy. So is it legit and did Oprah endorse it?

Weight Loss Gummies

The truth is that these supplements can always find a study to support their claims. There is always a lab willing to get paid to conduct “unbiased” research and you can take existing studies and twist the results. Such is the case with the weight loss gummy.

Many will quote studies that show “with diet and exercise” participants lost weight, but they would have lost weight with just the diet and exercise. Skip the gummy and stick to the basic.

Oprah And Weight Watchers

One group of weight loss sellers falsely claimed that Oprah and Weight Watchers endorsed their product. This is not and has never been the truth, but it just goes to show you what these marketers will do to make money.

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