A beginner dumbbell routine to get you on the fitness road.

Easy Beginners Dumbbell Workout

Tired of exercise routines that are too advanced? This is a beginner level dumbbell circuit that you can do to actually get in shape. Why struggle with routines that you have to already be in shape to do? Give this video a try.

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Beginner Level Exercise Routine

If you are tired of stumbling through advanced routines, this one is for you. This dumbbell only exercise routine is designed for the beginner level fitness enthusiast. Here is what you can expect in just 5 exercises.


Squats are a core exercise that works the glutes and quads. It is an exercise that you should do weekly to build mass in the legs.

Shoulder Press

Another great compound exercise that works the shoulders and triceps.

Stiff Leg Dead Lift

This one will put the focus on the hamstrings and is surprisingly effective. You might not think that you will feel this one, but you will in the morning.

Bent Row

A bent row will exercise the biceps and the back.

Calf Raises

You can not leave out the calf muscles. A slow twitch muscle, they are slow to develop, so do not forget them.

Why Beginner Routines?

It seems like the only videos that you see on YouTube are for advanced athletes. What about the rest of the population that is just getting started with fitness? Try these advanced routines and you could injure yourself or just get discouraged. Beginner routines like this one solve the problem.

Do a beginner routine for a few weeks and you will get the strength that you need to do more advanced workouts. Starting out slow is usually the best approach. It allows you to build the motor skills you need and strengthen without excessive soreness.

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