A full body dad workout for beginners.

Full Body Beginner Workout

If you are looking to lose your dad bod but just do not know where to start, this exercise routine can help. 8 exercises completed circuit style giving you a full body workout in 12 minutes. Even better, no equipment is required.

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No Equipment Needed To Lose Your Dad Bod

If you need to get in shape and lose that dad bod, you may not know where to begin. After all, most online workouts seem designed for those with a home gym and who are already in shape. Lucky for you, I have just the thing. This full body workout requires no equipment and is the perfect routine to get you started on the path to fitness.

Perfect Routine For Beginners

What exactly makes this the perfect routine for dads just getting started? Take a look,

No Equipment Required

First, you need nothing to complete this workout. If you are hesitant to buy exercise equipment because you do not know whether you will stick with it, try this one. And, believe it or not, you can get a great workout using just body weight.

Peripheral Heart Action

This is just a fancy way of saying lower body then upper body. Alternating from upper to lower and vice versa allows for one part of your body to rest while the other works. It allows you to get in more exercises in less time and makes your resistance training workout a cardio workout. You get the best of both worlds and save a lot of time. This is important for a busy dad.


This workout will allow you to build the physique that you want because it is balanced. It is not overly dependent on upper or lower body muscles.

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