Whey protein can cause gas and the dreaded protein farts.

Gas From Whey Protein

Whey protein is certainly the king of protein, but it can cause some problems. It can cause bloating, stomach pain and the dreaded protein farts. Take a look at why this occurs and learn how to solve the problem.

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The King Of Protein

Whey is the king of protein, but trouble with gas and indigestion issues have caused many dads to just give up on it altogether. This is unfortunate, because there truly is nothing like it. Having all of the essential amino acids and being animal based for great bio availability, there is simply no replacement. So, is there a solution to the dreaded whey protein farts? Absolutely, but first, why do people have problems?


With whey being derived from milk, it contains lactose. Lactose can be difficult to digest, especially as you get older. After you reach the age of 5, lactase production begins to decrease and this is the enzyme that breaks down lactose. If your body can not break down the lactose in the small intestine, it ends up being dumped into the large intestine. Once there, bacteria runs wild with it and that is where you get the indigestion, bloating and gas. So, how do we solve this problem?

Whey Protein Isolate

If you are having issues with whey, the first thing that you should try is switching to a whey protein isolate. Isolate is up to 90 percent pure and will contain very little lactose. It is a bit more expensive, but I am sure your family will agree that the cost is worthwhile. Another benefit of isolate is that it is lower in calories. A scoop of isolate will contain 30 to 40 calories less than regular whey with the same amount of protein. But what if you still have issues?

Give It Time

If the isolate does not do the trick, you may need to just slow down. If your body is not used to dairy, it might just need a little time to ramp up lactase production. Start with a half a shake a day and then gradually work up from there. Often, your body will adjust and this will solve the issue.

Give Up

Your last resort is to simply give up and look for a protein that your body agrees with. Second best to whey is Pea protein. It still has all of the essential amino acids, but it has less methionine and is a bit less bio available because it is plant based. Still, it may be your solution.

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