100 grams of protein being consumed.

Is 100 grams of protein enough to build muscle?

Wondering if 100 grams of protein is enough to build muscle? This video will let you know if this is enough protein to reach your goals and will give you somme tips on protein utilization.

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How Much Protein Do You Need?

There are many different ideas about how much protein you need to build muscle.

.8g Per Kilogram

If you were to listen to the National Academy of Medicine, you would think that you only need .8 grams per kilogram of body weight. This is widely considered to be incorrect and has been contradicted in numerous studies.

2g Per Kilogram

Another school of thought is that you need 2 grams per kilogram to build muscle. While this has been backed up by numerous studies, it may be excessive for the needs of many. In addition, this level of protein intake can be difficult to sustain, especially for busy dads.

1.6g Per Kilogram

Numerous studies and papers have shown this number to be an accurate estimate of the minimum protein requirements to build muscle. It is also a number that is much more achievable to reach in a standard diet.

When To Consume Protein

Once you have a number in grams of the protein you need, you should think about when to consume it. Take your total need and divide it by 4 and then consume it in 4 different meals spaced out during the day. Limit whey protein consumption to 30 grams at any particular time.

For full details, watch the video and learn everything you need to know about whether 100 grams is enough protein.

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