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Is 7 Hours Enough Sleep For Muscle Growth?

Sleep is a huge part of fitness, but just how much sleep do you need. Is 7 hours enough sleep or will it leave you lacking? Watch this video to learn just how much sleep you need to maximize your muscle growth.

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Maximizing Muscle Gains With Sleep

Sleep is crucial for muscle development, but just how much do you need. You do not want to come up short, but you also do not want to overdo it and waste your day. So just how much sleep do you need? This video will tell you that you need 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep to maximize your muscle growth. This is not an estimate, this is an amount determined by a relevant study.

Why Is Sleep Important?

There are numerous reasons that sleep is important for muscle growth. Here are a few key reasons.

You Release Growth Hormone At Night

During sleep, your body releases 70 percent of your growth hormone for the day. Obviously, if you want to grow you need as much growth hormone in your system as possible.

Your Body Replenishes Glycogen During Sleep

If your glycogen reserves are not filled, your next workout will suffer and you will harm muscle growth. Sleep deprived individuals are more likely to develop insulin resistance and that can harm the absorption of glycogen.

Sleep Improves Protein Synthesis

You need to be working at peak efficiency to rebuild those muscles and without the right amount of sleep, your ability to synthesize protein decreases.

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