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Should You Do Cardio Before Or After Weights?

If you want to get the most out of your workout, you need to know when to do cardio and when to do weights. This video and article will set things straight.

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Cardio Before Or After

It is the classic debate. Should you do cardio before or after your weight lifting session? Keep reading and find out or simply watch the video.

Cardio Burns Glycogen

First and foremost, you have the fact that cardio will burn your glycogen which is the primary fuel used with weight lifting. With your glycogen depleted, you will not have as much energy for weight training. That will reduce your ability to lift heavier weights, decreasing the benefit of your workout.

Cardio Can Limit Muscle Growth

Studies have shown that contradicting forms of exercise should not be done together. That means strength training and endurance training should not be done in the same workout if you want the best benefits from both.

Cardio Can Sap Your Motivation

After a strenuous cardio workout, you are likely to have little left int he tank for resistance training. That will make you less motivated, less focused and could even lead to an injury.

Cardio Makes You Sweat

There is nothing wore in the gym than getting on sweaty weight lifting equipment. Do not be the guy that is sweating profusely all over the weight lifting machines.

In Conclusion

Cardio is necessary, but it should not be done before a weight lifting session. At the very least, you should get your cardio in after your weight training. Even better, do it in a separate workout entirely.

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