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What Really Is A Dad Bod?

So, just what is a dad bod really? Opinions vary and being a man or a woman will give you a differing opinion about what a dad bod really is. Take a look at what I feel a dad bod is and let me tell you how to get it.

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Get Your Hot, Sexy Dad Bod

This video will let you know what a dad bod really is. There are a lot of misconceptions about what a dad bod really is and gender lines usually dictate how you think.

Guys Think

When a guy hears that dad bods are in, they think that they have it made. They can quit exercising and start eating whatever they like. How great is that. Unfortunately, this is not what a dad bod is.

Women Think

Women usually have a vastly different view of what a dad bod is. A dad bod for most women is actually a muscular guy that is carrying a little extra weight. He is still in shape, but is no longer seeking that perfect 6 pack.

Get Your Dad Bod

To get your dad body, you have to do 3 simple things.

Carry Moderate Body Fat

You do not want to be ripped, but you do not want to be overweight either. A good dad bod physique will be about 15 to 20 percent body fat. Enough that you are just seeing the outline of the abs.

Build Muscle

You need to be muscular and in shape to have a classic dad body. There is no need to be Arnold, but you should have defined muscles.

Relax Your Attitude

A guy with a dad bod is no longer chasing perfection, although they probably used to. They have a relaxed attitude about fitness but are still in shape. The main difference is that they will no longer be seeking the perfect set of abs.

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